Reading rules
  • One work — one number
  • Arabic numbers
  • From left to right
  • Top to bottom (if left to right is not applicable)
  • Attention to detail (open lines, etc.)
  • Common sense!

portraits of numbers

find the number


RakovGallery is a network of art galleries created by brothers Igor and Alexey Rakov in 2011. The first gallery was opened in Yekaterinburg as a space for the realization of the creative ideas of contemporary Ural artists. Now RakovGallery operates in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Moscow and Perm. The gallery specializes in the art of Russian contemporary artists.
Rakov Gallery
BIZAR is a contemporary art marketplace that helps artists' works find their owners. The largest online catalog of art in Russia: painting, graphics, objects, sculptures, photography — all techniques and art forms. The catalog is updated weekly. Works in a single copy, or limited edition — this is what distinguishes real art from posters and posters.
A startup developing an NFT marketplace where you can buy the rights to gifs, memes, music tracks and paintings for cryptocurrency. Rarible was founded by Alexey Falin and Alexander Salnikov in November 2019.