It would seem that these two concepts are absolutely incompatible, even mutually exclusive. What happens if they are combined?
The project "Numbers as Art" (0123456789art) is dedicated to the depiction of numbers, continuously following one after another (1, 2, etc. in a row), in the form of art in the form of drawings, objects, photographs, tattoos, etc. To date, more than 500 works (numbers) have been created.
You can find beauty in numbers. You can specially come to the museum to look at the numbers. You can hang the drawn number at home. For me, each number is unique, and I think that numbers deserve to be looked at not through them, not as a mere carrier of information, but as individuals.




Interview with Ilya Buslakov by Director of the Museum of Nonconformist Art (St. Petersburg), Anastasia Patsey, on the eve of the exhibition "Numbers as Art" at the Pushkinskaya 10 Art Center in St. Petersburg in the fall of 2020
About the project and reading rules
  1. One work — one number
  2. Arabic numbers
  3. From left to right
  4. Top to bottom (if left to right is not applicable)
  5. Attention to detail (open lines, etc.)
  6. Common sense!

rules are very simple

Bottle of wine, acrylic (2022).
Reads clearly
Reads clearly
Photography (2022).