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Solo exhibition
MCC «Rostokino»
October 6 — November 5 2023
The Rostokino Gallery hosted a personal exhibition of contemporary Russian artist Ilya Buslakov, where visitors were able to see some of the works from the "Numbers as Art" project. In his experimental project, graphic artist Ilya Buslakov opens a new aesthetic facet of the world of numbers, which, perhaps, only mathematicians who were deeply passionate about their subject had previously thought about.
This year, organisers of the festival offered participants to approach modern art through a game and invited visitors to explore the phenomenon of game as a paradoxical connection of rational and irrational in an expanded field of art. Most art pieces were created specifically for the festival.
April 22 — 23, 2023
DOCA 2023 «Sandbox Manual»
The WIN-WIN Market is a joint initiative of the Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod and Format One Publishing House, aimed at supporting the art industry in creating effective access to art and creative processes for everyone. This is an opportunity for independent artists and creative associations to present their work on a par with galleries and publishing houses, and for guests to get to know the authors personally and support the creative community in difficult times.
December 17 — 18, 2022
WIN-WIN Contemporary Art Market
CCA Winzavod
GROUND ZIN FEST is the first Russian festival of author's books and short-circulation literature. The festival sets itself the task of including Moscow and Russian authors in the movement of the author's circulation publishing. By bringing together micro-publishers, GROUND zine fest shows the relevance and significance of the further development of this direction for the book and art communities.
10 September 2022
Ground Zin Fest
Gallery Ground Solyanka
The exposition will feature the works of the young artist Ilia Buslakov, who creates in the experimental genre. All of them are created in the graphic technique. The artist's works are dynamic, graphic and textured. The exhibition is worth a visit to take a fresh look at the familiar and even trivial, as well as appreciate the unique artistic experiment.
January — February 2022
Solo exhibition
Gallery-workshop «Varshavka»
The exhibition featured 60 works (numbers) from series 1–400. These are some kind of artistic puzzles, graphic riddles — each contains a certain number. Ilya Buslakov personally presented his project to the audience and helped to unravel the riddles hidden in the works.
April — May 2021
Solo exhibition. Space Place Gallery, Okudzhava's House Cultural Center
Unusual drawings, photographs, tattoos and objects created by the artist completely change the usual idea of ​​a number as a simple information carrier. The numbers in the compositions of Ilya Buslakov acquire individuality and self-sufficiency and deserve to be looked not through them, but at them.
October — November 2020
Solo exhibition. Art Center «Pushkinskaya 10». Curator — Anastasia Patsey
Andrey Bartenev's new curatorial project KRYUKRINOKS aims to maintain a distance between street art and contemporary painting, sculpture, and video art. But at the same time combining them into one installation, destroying everyday life with bright colors and positive images.
October — November 2020
Groupe exhibition «KRUKRINOKS»
Curator — Andrey Bartenev